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Natural Power's Global Head Quarters, The Green House, was established in the mid 1990's and has grown to become one of the leading sites for renewable energy expertise in the UK supporting project developers, lenders, investors, R&D institutes, Universities and other consultancy companies. Home to all core Natural Power departments, the following services are offered:

Office contact information:

Natural Power

The Green House, Forrest Estate
Dalry, Castle Douglas, DG7 3XS
, UK


Tel: +44 (0) 1644 430 008
Fax: +44 (0) 845 299 1236

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Background information about The Green House:

The Forrest Estate is one of the largest private woodlands in Scotland. It is home to Natural Power's Global Head Quarters - The Green House. In developing an iconic head office for Natural Power – The Green House - the company used timber sourced from our own grounds, in the Forrest Estate, allowing us to meet our objectives for diversification and expansion of operations. The building has low embodied energy in both construction and use. It is largely free of external infrastructure support, using local hydropower, ground water from a bore hole and draining to a sceptic tank. The location was chosen in part with the vision of developing a successful professional business in a rural depopulated area – the office development has created work locally through harvesting the timber, and the office itself provides high-value jobs in the area and there are now almost 100 employees based at The Green House, many of whom live locally in the surrounding villages and towns. Many employees cycle to work and a car share scheme has been set up to reduce carbon emissions of staff commuting to work. Local businesses now support Natural Power’s presence in the area – from local lunches to B&B and conferencing facilities.