Renewable Energy Ecology & Hydrology


providing naturally balanced ecology & hydrology consultancy and support to clients for over a decade, onshore and offshore

Natural Power provide Renewable Energy Ecology & Hydrology Concultancy Services including Wind Energy Ecological Surveys, Monitoring and Assessments.

The requirement for Ecology & Hydrology services is highly dependent on the needs of a particular site both onshore and offshore. Natural Power has extensive experience determining a Client’s specific needs and designing a programme of technical ecological or hydrological services tailored to balancing the individual requirements of the site, project or zone in question.

This focused approach to Ecology & Hydrology issues, built on over a decade of involvement, ensures that the necessary support for Clients is made with industry-leading experience, knowledge and pragmatism. Our natural balance of technical knowledge and experience is utilised in support of Clients across the project lifecycle.

Natural Power offers the following Onshore Ecology, Offshore Ecology & Hydrology Services:

  • Wind Energy Environmental Assessment
  • Wind Energy Ecological Assessment
  • Offshore Wind Farms Ornithology Assessment
  • Offshore Wind Farms Fish Assessment
  • Hydrology monitoring
  • Offshore Wind Farms Benthic consultancy
  • Marine Mammal consultancy renewables
  • Ecological Management plans
  • Habitats Regulation Assessment consultancy
  • Offshore surveying ecological consultancy
  • Ecological impact assessment
  • Offshore Wind ESAS surveys
  • Terrestrial & marine ecology expertise
  • Hydrology expertise
  • Project risk management
  • Consenting support
  • Construction & operation management plans
  • Ecological & hydrological surveying and data collation
  • Offshore renewables ecology consultancy
  • Statistical expertise, GIS, modelling & analysis 

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