International renewable energy consultancy Natural Power were commissioned this year to author a key document for Marine Scotland, collating data on populations of seabird interest features at Scottish Special Protection Areas (SPAs) for Marine Scotland.

The purpose of the study was to make seabird population data available in one easy-to-use resource, as well as highlighting any gaps and inconsistencies across the dataset collated. Data was obtained from the Joint Nature Conservation Committee’s Scottish Marine Protected Areas website, as well as directly from various reserves and observatories.  Dr Gillian Lye, Ecologist at Natural Power, then assessed whether population trends could be produced for each species at each SPA.

The published report can be found here: .

Commenting on completion of the report, Natural Power’s Principal Ecologist Chris Pendlebury said “We are pleased to have been able to undertake this work for Marine Scotland. It is just one example of the excellent ecological analysis reports that have been produced by the Ecology & Hydrology team at Natural Power in 2012. We hope that having the Scottish seabird population data in a single report will be useful for experts in the renewable industry, along with seabird researchers”.

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