Renewable Energy Services


Natural Power provide Technical, Planning & Development, Ecology & Hydrology, Construction & Geotechnical, Asset Management and Due Diligence Services to the Renewable Energy market.

We provide these offerings through the full life-cycle of a renewable energy project, from proof of concept, securing the project agreements through construction, and ultimately working with you to manage your asset safely and cost optimally. We believe that our ''boots on the ground'' management services provide our consulting services with a practical realism that significantly differentiates us from our competitors. Finally, by having the experience of managing and consulting across the project stage interfaces, we have a virtous cycle of learning to ensure your projects have the optimal yeild, the lowest risk and are the easiest to consent, build and operate.

We have local offices across Europe, North America and South America providing a selection of these products and services. Our aim is to derive a greater understanding of each territory we operate in by having offices with real practical expertise.

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