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Blades USA – Austin, Texas

November 6, 2019

The team from Natural Power North America will be attending the Windpower Monthly event ‘Blades USA’ on November 6th and 7th at the DoubleTree Hilton Austin, Texas.

Andre Louis-Ferdinand, Natural Power’s Senior Engineer in the inspections service team leads the development, evaluation and distribution of unmanned aerial system software used in the commercial UAS operations at Natural Power, and will be on hand throughout the event along with Kevin Denman, Commercial Manager, North America,

Andre Louis FerdinandAndre said: “As active blade management become more prominent throughout the industry, the need for efficient and safe blade inspections is ever increasing. We are delighted to be able to provide a modular, high quality and cost-effective solution, offering clients the choice to use our automation software with their own drones, or select a more complete service using our fleet of drones and supporting software, technology and experienced personnel.”

Natural Power’s acquisition automation software ‘Ascent Pro’ gives clients the capability to automate drone flights which in turn increases the speed, consistency and quality of the images acquired during turbine blade inspections. The automation enabled by this software will calculate and manage the optimal flight along the surface of the blades without pilot intervention, as well as controlling camera angles, exposure, focal distance and timing of the image acquisition.

The main benefits to users are:
– Faster inspections and reduced costs
– Turbine downtime and lost revenue is minimised as the blades are only stopped once
– Consistent, high-quality images
– Instant feedback and real-time corrective action
– No input parameters are required in advance, so the skill set required of the pilot is less

As the industry is looking for solutions to achieve a cost-effective blade operation and maintenance strategy, this event provides an opportunity for asset owners and operators to come together and share their experiences, discover new innovations and develop new ways of building solutions to overcome the challenges in blade operations and maintenance.

Blades USA provides the platform for exploring insights on how to transform operations and maintenance strategy from reactive to predictive to reduce downtime, networking opportunities to exchange ideas about the standardisation and categorisation of damage with other owners and operators, discovering the latest innovations and technology that can help prevent and repair day to day damage including leading-edge erosion, icing, lightning and humidity.

Find out more about the event and register to attend at

Natural Power is recognized throughout the renewables sector for its proven track record in inspection services and has worked across various turbine types including, but not limited to, Siemens, Vestas, Senvion and Nordex. The team uniquely understands the need for efficiency in order to maximise the uptime of turbine fleets – find out more here

Natural Power in North America

The team of experienced wind industry veterans at Natural Power reviewed more than a third of new wind assets in the USA on behalf of clients in 2017 and has continued to expand across the US with offices in New York and Seattle. The business provides asset management services on more 5GW of renewable energy projects, equivalent to the top three US wind owners by capacity (according to AWEA 2015 Market Report figures). Its approach to ‘total asset management’ on operational projects includes a range of services for owners and financiers alike, including local site management and balance of plant services, advanced performance engineering analysis, remote monitoring services, and operational reporting and analysis.

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