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Brian Farrell, Construction Project Engineer

June 16, 2017

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What does your day typically consist of

My current role is a mix of site and office based activities, and therefore, my days can vary quite a lot.

My role here covers the pre-construction and construction phases of renewable energy projects in Ireland. The day to day tasks range from, but are not limited to: inspection and monitoring of on-site construction works to ensure quality and compliance; liaising with the different stakeholders and ensuring projects flow as smoothly as possible; performing a project management role as the Owner’s Engineer on projects.

During the construction phase of projects, the tasks include: checking the progress of construction; checking the construction is in line with the specification; ensuring the quality of construction is at a high level; monitoring the project schedule; and more tasks such as liaising with the client, contractors, and other stakeholders involved.

Over lunch, I like to take a break from the busy day and read up on things that interest me and catch up with colleagues and friends.

After work, depending on what day it is, I have my dinner and then head to the gym or football training.

What do you enjoy most about your role

The people I work with are fantastic because I have learned so much from them since joining Natural Power. Their enthusiasm for producing quality results and the fact that everybody will spare a moment to help you, no matter how busy they are, is fantastic. I also enjoy the wide range of projects I have been involved in, and the different challenges that come with them.

I enjoy how well we all work together in the construction teams because although we work in a fast paced environment and one where deadlines and goals constantly change, those in our team support a relaxed environment, which enables us to step back and look for solutions to move forward when faced with challenges.

How did you get into the role in the first place

I was working on the construction of numerous commercial properties in Glasgow city centre in 2013, and as the buildings rose above the surrounding rooftops, the views of the wind turbines in the distance frequently reminded me why I pursued a master’s degree in Renewable Energy. When a suitable role came up within the Design and Advisory Services team, I grasped the opportunity to join.

What is your degree and /or professional qualification

I have obtained a BEng in Civil Engineering, and an MSc in Renewable Energy. I’m currently pursuing my professional accreditation with Engineers Ireland and have recently undertaken the Project Managers Professionals training.

What is the most interesting type of work you have done and why

It would have to be the hydraulics and pipeline design for a multiple intake run-of-river hydro scheme in Scotland. The design and construction phases were very challenging, due to the tight timeframe available in order to meet accreditation. I took huge satisfaction when the scheme was completed, and subsequently commissioned because it was a huge team effort, in which every member played a significant part.

What is your biggest achievement at work

Being presented the Engineer Award at the Scottish Renewables’ Young Professionals Green Energy Awards in 2016.

Any hidden talents

I’m not a fan of the word talent, and I certainly wouldn’t use it here but I have attempted many sports throughout my life so far but none more so than my beloved Gaelic Football, which I took up at the age of four. I have recently transferred back to my home club in the West of Ireland, where I hope we achieve our targets this coming season.

What is your favourite hobby

It is a bit of a love/hate relationship as I dread the training aspect more often than not, but playing football with my home team is well up there.


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