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Fiona Grubb, Head of Business Development and Marketing

February 2, 2016


What does your day typically consist of?
My car share to work gives my brain a chance to wake up in the morning, the chat normally improves half way along the M9 and by the time I get to the office, I am ready to grab an essential cup of tea, get through my emails and update my to do list.

I check in with the team, and make sure resources are in place to hit all of our deadlines.
Then my day can range from business planning and strategy, to client meetings, HR management, inputting to BD or marketing campaigns around a specific product or service or commercial inputs into tenders or contracts, among other things.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
Variety – over the past four years I have never experienced boredom!!!

My role spans all services, sectors and countries where Natural Power is active so I can literally go from one meeting where I am thinking about how we best manage a major offshore asset to writing a tender for solar work, followed by discussions around office branding and paint colours.

How did you get into the role in the first place?
My background was in business growth and market development, when I first joined Natural Power, the role was tender coordination for the Ecology and Hydrology team, my remit soon included management of BD functions for the Planning and Development team before moving into a companywide role covering BD for the offshore market.

Marketing has always been a big area of interest for me through both work and studies so when the role came up to bring the Marketing and BD functions together it was a really exciting move for me.

What is your degree and /or professional qualification?
My degree is in Management Studies from Aberdeen, I have recently achieved charter status with the Chartered Management Institute.

What is the most interesting type of work you have done and why?
I am really lucky to get to work with people at the forefront of their fields, both technically and commercially.
A few years ago I never imagined that I would learn so much about everything – from geotechnical drilling and concrete pours, to computational flow dynamics and the impacts of displacement for marine mammals.

I also really appreciate the range of skills and strengths we have in the commercial team and it’s great to see the team coming together with a mutual respect and reliance on each other to produce the best possible representation of the company.

What is your biggest achievement at work?
I was really pleased to take on my current position. Natural Power has supported me to grow and develop into the role and I am proud to lead such a talented team.

Any hidden talents?
I can run pretty fast in seriously high heels (the short girl effect) and I also recently discovered that I can make a pretty tasty batch of shortbread.

What is your favourite hobby?
Things are pretty full on in the day job, so I love to get away from it all, traveling or playing on my bike in the mud.

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