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Kevin Quinn, Head of Site Management

April 27, 2016

Kevin Quinn, Head of Site Management

What does your day typically consist of?

I’ll try to cycle in to the office if I can and don’t need my car, this will usually wake me up – especially in the winter!  I usually try to get in reasonably early to give me time to grab a coffee and process any emails I was unable to attend to the day before.  By the end of the first hour I should have a clean inbox and neat to-do list (this is the theory anyway!).  My day will then vary but primarily is focused on working with the wider team of Area Managers and Wind Farm Managers to deliver asset management services to operational projects.  This typically involves phone calls, meetings, writing and reviewing procedures, planning strategy, site visits and meeting clients.  We are operating a large portfolio of projects across the UK so the challenges that come up day to day are varied and interesting.  I am also working closely with colleagues in Ireland, France and the US to ensure the Asset Management services we provide are consistent and of high quality regardless of where in the world the asset may be located.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy the big picture, I feel my team plays an important role in the renewable industry overall. To succeed in making renewable energy truly competitive with other forms of energy production then we have to deliver operational efficiency across a project’s entire lifecycle.  Our primary objective is helping clients to achieve just this.

How did you get into the role in the first place?

I realised after graduating from university that the most rewarding way for me to apply my engineering degree would be to work in renewables, so I joined the industry in 2006.  Various roles within project delivery and project management lead me to a role as an Installation Project Manager for Siemens Wind Power where I worked for 6 years previous to Natural Power.  There I was responsible for turbine pre-assembly, installation and commissioning for two of their offshore wind farms, Lincs and Westermost Rough.  I joined Natural Power in January 2016 because I was interested in starting to look at the full project lifecycle and for me the role offered the best balance of a challenging and rewarding career while still managing to spend plenty of time with family and on hobbies.  These things are also very important to me.

What is your degree and /or professional qualification?

I have a Masters degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Glasgow.  Through working as a Project Manager I have also attained the APM Practitioner qualification and the Managing Successful Programmes Practitioner qualification accredited with APMG.

What is the most interesting type of work you have done and why?

The installation of the turbines at Westermost Rough was the first time Siemens had constructed a wind farm offshore on a commercial basis using direct drive technology.  We had to re-develop all of our traditional installation tools and techniques based on geared turbines to allow us to do it safely within strict commercial timescales.  It was truly a ground breaking project.

What is your biggest achievement at work?

I am relatively new to Natural Power so I am still working on creating my biggest achievement here but I can say there are a few things in the pipeline!  Before Natural Power it would have to be completion of construction and full hand over for Lincs and Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farms.

Any hidden talents?

I’m also a ski instructor.  After finishing university I decided to take some time out and spent back to back winters living in New Zealand and Canada.  I gained my qualification in Queenstown, New Zealand and went to work as an instructor in Whistler, Canada.  It was a nice life for a while!

What is your favourite hobby?

As well as skiing, I’m very keen on outdoor pursuits in general.  I ride my mountain bike and compete in Enduro races as often as I can.  I live close to the hills and so have a lot of natural riding on my doorstep.  I also run to keep fit and have participated in a few Mountain Marathons.

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