life at natural power

Jeff Bryan

Benchmarking commercial manager

What does your role entail?

head up the WEBS joint venture (between Natural Power and the ORE Catapult), so my role is focused on the growth and development of WEBS. That involves meeting regularly with clients and industry stakeholders to discuss wind energy benchmarking and then working closely with the team at the ORE Catapult to further develop and refine our product. I’m also responsible for most of the commercial aspects that are involved with running the joint venture.


What does your day typically consist of?

It varies from day-to-day, but typically I spend my days talking with clients and owner/ operators in the onshore wind sector about the service we offer in order to grow and develop our service offering. I work with both the Advisory & Analytics team within Natural Power and the O&M Systems Team at the ORE Catapult to refine the service and pull value out of the aggregated dataset. Some days, I’m chained to my desk, looking for new opportunities to grow the database and taking care of the administrative tasks involved with running the service.


What do you enjoy most about your role?

Meeting with clients on a regular basis. It’s really interesting to talk with people about where the industry is going and discussing initiatives, services and methods that will help the industry get there.


How did you get into your role in the first place?

have been with Natural Power for seven years and my previous role dealt primarily with market analysis, research and economics.  I really enjoyed working with data to prove (or disprove) project profitability and the viability of new service offerings and changes in methodologies. Moving into the management of the WEBS joint venture gives me the opportunity to do that on an industry level – using aggregated industry data to analyse the impacts of changes in asset management methodologies, being able to quantify the impact of investment decisions on performance and reliability, etc. It’s a real chance to provide in-depth analysis that’s representative of the entire industry and can help to ensure project profitability in the future.


What is the most interesting project you have worked on and why?

I’ve been involved in some great projects during my time with Natural Power – modelling the financial impact of turbine-mounted LiDAR units, writing market assessment reports to inform trade missions for the Scottish Government and developing a developing bespoke LCoE cost models are a few that come to mind. I was invited to give a guest Lecture at the Colorado School of Mines, that was a great experience as well.


What is your biggest achievement at work?

We’ve made great progress with the WEBS database over the past 18 months. Getting industry stakeholders to buy into data collaboration was a challenge when we first began, but attitudes are changing as people begin to see the benefits and WEBS is gathering significant momentum. So, I hope my biggest achievement is yet to come.