20 Nov 2020 .

All-Island Offshore and Onshore Renewables Conference, Ireland 2020

We are sponsoring the forthcoming All-Island Offshore and Onshore Renewables Conference being hosted jointly by IWEA and RenewableNI virtually on 26th and 27th November.

Seán Manley, country director for Natural Power Ireland, said: “Natural Power’s vision is to create a world powered by renewable energy. We are delivering consultancy services to multiple onshore and offshore services across Ireland and are delighted to sponsor a conference that supports an all-island approach to growing renewable energy generation on the island.”  

Recognising the different challenges on either side of the border, the conference aims to spark conversation around finding new ways to co-operate, plan, and work together to build a shared energy future – an island which safely and securely relies on renewable energy to power its homes, businesses and communities.

The conference will bring together leaders in the renewable energy industry and policymakers from both jurisdictions to show how, together, the industry can rise to the challenge of building a decarbonised energy system and a clean, green energy future.
On day one, the conference will be taking a look at the progress being made for offshore wind energy in the Republic of Ireland, as well as discussing how to kick-start the development of offshore wind in Northern Ireland early this decade. It will also be investigating how the electricity grid across the island and into Europe needs to develop in order to maximise onshore and offshore renewables domestically.

Paul Concannon, principal project manager (Offshore) at Natural Power, will chair the first session on day one: Offshore at Scale.

On day two, the conference will be assessing how various routes to market for renewables north and south are progressing, as well as looking into how the electricity market needs to evolve to accommodate 70% renewable electricity and offshore renewables. The event will conclude with a look into the future and the role that electricity will play in the transition to a low carbon island.

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