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Kerry Schmidt

Finance Manager

What does your role entail?

My role is in a bit of a transition at the moment. Prior to several months ago, as the Finance Manager for NPC US, I was solely responsible for all financial matters (cash management, invoicing, financial statements, budgets, etc.), payroll/HR, project approvals and overseeing the office from an Administrative standpoint. I still am managing most of these tasks, except for the office administration.


What does your day typically consist of?

Due to my wide variety of duties, my days fluctuate quite a bit. They're never the same and multi-tasking is crucial. There is a never a dull moment or day in the finance department!


What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy the diversity as my tasks are ever changing. Additionally, and this is truly genuine, I work with some pretty awesome folks and have made some amazing friends across the globe!


What attracted you to this role?

I've been with NPC US for nine years this month. Initially two of my friends worked at NPC and spoke highly about both the company and Jim Adams. Their input, the diversity of the role and the fact that I would be the first person in this position, were all attractive factors to me.


What advice would you give to future generations of women in the indusrty?

To women in general I would say to support and believe in one another! Overall, communication is key to all solid working and personal relationships.


What is your biggest achievement at work?

Initially when I started working at NPC, there was very little, if anything, in place due to our size and length of existence. I was tasked with setting up all of the financial recordkeeping, administration of benefits, procedures, etc. Loter on, I was tasked with implementing IFS in the US office and became the IFS Expert User for all aspects of IFS. It's been great to be so closely involved with the US growth straight from the very early days.


What are your future aspirations in your career?

Due to our rapid growth, my position is in a bit of a transition. At this po int I con easily soy that I want to see NPC US (and the entire company) continue to grow, be port of the success and to develop my role around the growth. It's been rather exciting to see the US team grow from 5 employees, residing in a small office, to fast forward to today, 30+ employees across several offices. These ore most definitely exciting times at Natural Power!