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When renewable energy generators demanded more active management of their assets, Natural Power responded by investing in a brand new, state of the art, ControlCenter.


By upgrading our existing ControlCenter, we have enabled our clients to maximize their assets’ performance, comply with ever changing regulations and explore new ways of increasing revenue. We’ve come a long way since launching our first control room over a decade ago. Back then we supported a handful of clients by providing a system of safe access for remote workers. As we added more sites, including those with transmission connections, we developed more responsive services and extended our hours of operations, acting as emergency responders and managing the distribution of energy from the sites back to the grid.
We are now proud to claim it as one of the biggest independently operated 24/7 control rooms in Europe, managing over 175 renewable energy assets from across the UK, US and Ireland. Through a process of incremental change, we have kept pace with new developments in both on and offshore wind industries, as well as diversifying into the solar and renewable heat sectors. By early 2017 we realized that major investment would be required if we were to deliver the next decade of services to a market where our clients demand more flexibility; where interaction between generators, system and network operators becomes more sophisticated; and where security becomes more paramount. So we embarked on an ambitious programme that included the design and build of a new control services facility at our headquarters, incorporating a decade of experience in its design.

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Our clients can rely on us…



Our world class ControlCenter

Whilst automation plays an important role in modern asset management and the software required to deliver cutting edge services is continually improved, another, more human factor plays a vital role. An ergonomic environment, improved sound, lighting and room layout mean that the operational controllers are comfortable and safe to support our clients at any time of the day or night, whether that is site access, grid curtailment, emergency response, turbine control or any other of our services.The new facility has been designed for our next decade of growth, with the flexibility to add new services where required; to upgrade software that will improve service delivery and to accommodate work with specialist suppliers whenever necessary – vitally important in an ever-changing industry.
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We take reliability and security seriously…

To ensure that our customers receive a fail-safe uninterrupted service, we built a second ControlCenter facility in a separate location, capable of operating independently should we experience any technical issues at our main facility. We also use a standalone IT network for our ControlCenter operations to ensure the robust control of plants and to ensure that we secure client data at all times.


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