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Natural Power has a proven reputation and track record of working with clients to undertake a range of development services for renewable and infrastructure projects. Our in-house experts on grid, environment, human use considerations, energy resource, access and ground conditions work closely with clients to reduce risk in terms of consent and build conditions.

Our highly trained team of experienced analysts and environmental project personnel offers a comprehensive range of technical services to a range of clients and stakeholders. This allows us to provide our clients with optimized project designs, finance grade energy yield analysis and site classification studies.

We continue to provide support through the project design and permiting process by bringing together cutting edge project knowledge and experience with a realistic approach to development and risk mitigation. We are particularly experienced at working with our clients’ engineers in the development of robust and buildable sites.

We have supported a range of projects from environmental impact assessment (EIA) production and consent management to specialist advisory roles, baseline data gathering, analysis and modelling. We work with our clients to define and address every aspect of a potential project throughout the development phase, identifying risks and opportunities at the earliest possible stage.

We aim, like our clients, to efficiently manage costs and risks to help deliver consented projects ready for financing and construction, including:


“we draw upon the expertise of our world class team of analysts, ecologists, construction managers, geologists and engineers to ensure the highest chance of successful permitting for our clients’ projects”

Christine Sutter, Head of Environment






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