life at natural power

Emma Denman

Project manager

When did you join Natural Power? 

I joined Natural Power in November 2019.  


What does your day typically consist of?  

My days vary depending on the projects I am managing, the number of meetings on my calendar, and the type of deliverables that are due. I’m usually managing a handful of projects at once, completing technical due diligence on behalf of tax equity clients or a potential co-investor of utility and/or C&I scale solar and battery storage projects. Throughout the day I connect with my colleagues via Teams to discuss upcoming assignments and to leverage our subject matter expertise to answer client questions. In between managing project scopes and client requests I have responsibilities to review project documentation such as IE reports, financial models, and offtake agreements, to identify potential risks and deviations from industry standards. On a regular basis I lead client meetings to review our technical due diligence findings and discuss scope progress. On occasion I have the opportunity to go  into the field and complete an operational solar site visit which is a great change of pace as I enjoy seeing the tangible progress and impact our daily work has on renewable energy.   


What is the most challenging part of your role?  

The renewable energy industry is constantly evolving. Technical advancements are rapidly occurring across wind, solar, battery energy storage, and green hydrogen. Events like the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act can have significant impacts on the industry as well, and cause new trends to arise, such as the deployment of the investment tax credit for renewable energy storage systems. It’s a challenging and rewarding goal to keep up with how current events are influencing the industry.  


What is the most interesting type of work you have done and why?  

I really enjoy managing scopes of work that are unique and tailored specifically to the client’s needs. One that comes to mind is a project for a client overseas who was interested in developing a wind farm in the United States, however, as a new market entrant, they had little experience with development parameters of the US. Natural Power provided an overview of the permitting process and county, state and federal regulations that would be applicable to the project’s location. In addition, we provided a site feasibility analysis, wind energy assessment, and potential turbine layout for the parcel of land in which the developer was interested. It was gratifying to work with the client and support their interest in developing wind energy in the US.   


Provide a hidden talent or quirky fact about yourself!?  

In 2020 my partner and I converted a Ford E350 passenger van into a camper van, equipped with solar power! Our next project is to construct a yurt and build out a solar array.