People come to work for Natural Power for a number of reasons, but what unites us is our passion. Sometimes the work is challenging, but as a helpful and friendly team, we share and overcome these challenges together.

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George Elderfield
George Elderfield
Reliability engineer and former KTP associate
I worked for two years on the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between Natural Power and University of Strathclyde. Together, we developed a new through-life management service that allows clients to monitor the health of their wind turbines and effectively plan their end-of-life strategies.
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Graeme Cook smiling_large
Graeme Cook
Principal environmental consultant
It’s important to me to think that what I’m doing has a wider societal purpose (and that it’s ‘helping the birds’). I like to think that my tiny, wee contribution to the huge process of helping the uptake of renewables to happen, and thereby moving away from fossil fuels...
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Chris Pendlebury 670px
Chris Pendlebury
Director of Offshore Planning & Environment
I would say my biggest achievement is simply having a role that I enjoy doing, with a team that I enjoy working with, for a company that I admire and want to be involved in making successful.
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Amber Wright_620px
Amber Wright
Field technician
What’s really stood out to me from the start is the sense of community and teamwork at Natural Power.
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