Do you have the power to change the world?

The purpose and passion of our founders have drawn similar people to Natural Power. Over the past 25 years, we have grown into a team of over 400 people worldwide. Despite our growth, our founding beliefs, drive and philosophy have not changed. The people at Natural Power are still working together to create a better world powered by renewable energy. And we’re always looking for new people to help us make that happen.

Here you’ll find our job vacancies at locations across the UK, Ireland, France and the USA. If you want to know more about our culture and some of the jobs we do, you can find out more about our values and Life at Natural Power. You can also follow our LinkedIn profile to keep up to date with our latest jobs and news.

In addition to company benefits, we’ll also invest in your skills and development. You can grow within Natural Power and get the most out of your career here. We want you to do your best.

Our staff also run a busy social hub, and they organise events all year round. Even socially we aim to create a better environment and give back to our communities, so we often run charity events or environmental projects. Read our CSR statement here.

Natural Power Consultants is now a signatory of the Good Recruitment Campaign. The campaign requires organisations to sign up to a Good Recruitment Charter and commit to following the nine key principles. These ensure that our recruitment process remains fair, inclusive and follows good practice, and that we review our process to allow for continuous improvement of the candidate experience. For information on how we manage the data you provide during the recruitment process, please refer to our job applicant privacy notice.

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People come to work for Natural Power for a number of reasons, but what unites us is our passion. Sometimes the work is challenging, but as a helpful and friendly team, we share and overcome these challenges together.

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Call Cardno
Caol Cardno
Inspections engineer
I would like to think my work improves the efficiency and sustainability of the various industries by identifying opportunities for optimisation and implementing new technologies. 
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Richard Pooley
Richard Pooley
Senior Inspections Engineer
This role has offered me the chance to visit places I have never been before, and it is great to see how renewable energy is being adopted across the world.
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Aaron Dickinson
Aaron Dickinson
Energy analyst's interesting to see how these different technologies interact with each other, whether that is working harmoniously or conflictingly. 
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Robert Morgan
Robert Morgan
Software engineer
In situations like this I often find myself having “eureka” moments in the evening...
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Natural Power recruitment
We are fair, legal and ethical in our resource planning and recruitment procedures, with specific regard to actively promoting diversity and inclusion within the workplace.