SECTOR Energy Storage

As renewable energy becomes a mainstream part of the energy mix, the role of energy storage in building resilience and reliability into the grid becomes ever more important.   Our experts in energy storage technology, consenting, contracting, construction, energy analysis and asset management have supported over 25 GW of energy storage projects globally. 



We can leverage our team’s considerable experience to support you in assessing the feasibility of your site, supplying preliminary design support, advice on site optimisation and helping to model the business case to deliver practical and buildable projects. 



From initial feasibility into development, our team will look at the environmental impacts, land negotiations and grid applications and connection for your site. They will work with crucial stakeholders to ensure the project is buildable and any issues that could potentially affect the project gaining consent are thoroughly investigated and mitigation measures proposed. 



We can undertake a wide range of technical surveys, PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) reviews and finance grade resource analysis. Our team of technology, civil, structural and electrical engineers can work on detailed designs while our project managers can organise and oversee the procurement management and contract negotiations with your supply chain. 


Construction and commissioning 

We build well performing projects by overseeing construction and ensuring that the commissioning process runs smoothly. We work closely with our clients to understand their priorities and support them in delivering their projects on time and to budget. From detailed design reviews to factory and site acceptance tests, auditing, grid support and compliance, to planning condition discharge, health & safety compliance, fire risk assessments and stakeholder management, we keep our clients informed at every step of the process. 


Operation and maintenance 

Our experienced asset managers work alongside HV (High Voltage) system managers and ControlCentre operational controllers to keep your assets running safely and efficiently. We can give a clear picture of your assets’ performance by undertaking site inspections, fault analysis and troubleshooting, reporting on all operational KPIs. We can also ensure the ongoing health & safety, environmental and social compliance of your site. As the asset reaches the end of its operational life, we can advise on life extension, augmentation and decommissioning options by carrying out the relevant assessments.