SECTOR Grid and infrastructure

Not only can we assist you with identifying and applying for the right connection, we can provide asset management services, including high voltage (HV) management and maintenance services.

The world’s increasing demand for energy means that we must create an energy system that can meet this need. This means connecting sustainable energy sources to the grid. We can create a link between the grid and your onshore, offshore or infrastructure projects, large or small. This includes advising on overhead and underground connections, substations, interconnectors, active network management options, electrical protection and offshore transmission operator (OFTO) services.

Developing a resilient energy system that meets the demand of our ever-growing energy needs also means offering energy storage. This means storing electricity so that it’s available as and when it’s needed. If you want to develop, finance, build or operate a storage project, we can make sure that it has the best possible chance of success. Find out more here.