SERVICE Consenting and environment

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Natural Power offers and performs a range of consenting related services right the way through an asset’s life.

We also make sure that this feeds into all parts of our project design and development.

Our consenting department brings together qualified planners with project managers and a range of technical specialists to support our clients during their projects.

To make this process as easy as possible for you, we can find areas where there may be risks and keep your project compliant.

We offer environmental advice and site inspection during the feasibility and construction of a project and throughout its life. Put simply, we make sure your proposed project follows the rules.

We make sure that planning applications are robust; we take into account environmental and community concerns; and we consult stakeholders at the right stages. We draw on our local knowledge to reduce risk and increase consent success wherever possible, and we plan, manage and ensure compliance during operation. All of this counts towards getting consent for your project.

We go out to sites and perform environmental audits, including bird and bat monitoring, collision studies, and habitat surveys. Using ecological modelling techniques, we use the data we collect to develop habitat and species management plans. These plans help to define the requirements for the site and project. The geospatial (GIS) team create visuals of how a site will look to help with planning documents and help with stakeholder engagement.

We work closely with regulatory bodies to keep up to date with changes to policies and requirements. We can provide advice on environmental requirements on topics such as forestry management, species specific studies and collision avoidance.