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Keeping your renewable energy projects compliant through planning and environmental services

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Natural Power offers and performs a range of planning and environmental related services right the way through your renewable energy project’s life.  

We bring together qualified planners and project managers with a range of technical specialists to support our clients through site identification, feasibility, scoping, EIA, HRA, and post-consent support. For offshore projects we also provide support on bidding into lease rounds and bring together specialists for each of the onshore and offshore components.  

To make this process easy as possible for you, we can find areas where there may be risks and keep your project compliant. Put simply, our strategy is to de-risk projects as they go through development, and make sure they are compliant with planning conditions and legislation during construction and operation.  

Technical specialists 

Our technical specialists cover ecology, bats, ornithology, hydrology, peat, geohydrology, land agency, landscape, architecture, wind resource assessments, and traffic and transport. Specialist offshore expertise also includes marine ecology, benthic habitats, marine mammals, ornithology, natural fish, and fisheries liaison. We offer environmental advice, stakeholder consultation and on-site surveys for each of these disciplines. For additional services we work with a range of verified specialist subcontractors who can provide additional technical input to support your project. 

Planning applications 

We make sure that your planning applications by considering environmental and community concerns and consulting with stakeholders at the right stages. Using GIS, we create visuals of how a site will look to help with planning documents and help with stakeholder engagement. We draw on our local engagement to reduce risk and increase consent success wherever possible.  

We have experience in lead EIA coordination and individual chapter involvement for both onshore and offshore renewable energy projects. We work closely with regulatory bodies to keep up to date with changes to policies and requirements so that your projects are following the most recent guidelines and requirements.  

Compliance during construction and operations 

We plan, manage and ensure compliance during construction and operation. Environmental and planning compliance includes environmental clerk of works and planning monitoring services, as well as the environmental monitoring required as part of the planning conditions.  

During the construction and operation phase of your project, we perform on-site environmental audits, including bird and bat monitoring, collision studies and habitat surveys. Using ecological modelling techniques, we use the data we collect to undertake collision risk modelling and population modelling, and to develop habitat and species management plans. These plans help to define the requirements for the site and project.  

Environmental advice and surveys 

Our environmental expertise covers ecology, ornithology and hydrology for onshore projects and marine ecology, ornithology, marine mammals and fisheries liaison for offshore projects. We advise on survey requirements, carry out baseline surveys and write EIAR chapters. Our input into these chapters will include any necessary analysis, such as collision and displacement analysis for birds and flood risk. 

Landscape and architecture 

Natural Power provides a wide range of landscape consultancy services to renewable energy projects throughout the UK and Ireland in all stages of development, from early inception to project completion. We can carry out a range of services from: 

  • Seascape, landscape and visual impact assessment  

  • Feasibility studies 

  • Site layout design 

  • Wild land and aviation lighting assessments to detailed landscape design and planning proposals – our visualisations and 3D modelling helps bring your projects to life, making them easier to share with stakeholders