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Natural Power has been working on renewables for over 25 years, and we’ve built up a team of experts who share our pioneering spirit. We are committed to sharing information, knowledge and ideas so we can help move the industry forward and create a world powered by renewable energy.

Unlocking the value of the Balancing Mechanism for renewable energy projects

8 May 2023 .

The Balancing Mechanism (BM) has played a fundamental role in keeping the GB power system stable since its introduction in 2001. By paying participants to increase or reduce their generation or demand, the BM makes small adjustments on top of the wider wholesale market and balances the electricity market in real-time.

Producing green hydrogen from wind and solar energy

12 Apr 2023 .

Overhyped or underestimated? Across the globe, governments are betting on hydrogen...

Balancing bat preservation and wind energy production with EchoSense®

6 Dec 2022 .

To minimize bat fatalities while maximizing energy production, Natural Power has developed EchoSense®, a smart curtailment technology.