life at natural power

Jackie Hanberg

Head of commercial services

When did you join Natural Power?  

I joined Natural Power in March of 2023. Prior to that, I worked for 18 years at another large consultancy, supporting wind, solar, BESS, and green hydrogen projects.  


 What does your day typically consist of?   

As Head of Commercial Services, most of my day is spent talking to clients, helping them address their challenges, tracking industry trends, and identifying and promoting opportunities for thought leadership and events. I regularly collaborate with our fantastic team of subject matter experts to ensure that we are providing the best possible insights to our clients.  


  What is the most challenging part of your role?   

The most challenging part of my role is making sure that my team and I are fully supporting our clients across a wide swath of services and technologies. This requires staying up to date on the latest developments, collaborating with clients, and crafting solutions that deliver actionable take-aways. It is a juggling act that I particularly enjoy, as there is nothing more satisfying that having a client walk in with a novel and “unsolvable” challenge, and being able to find the perfect resolution for their problem.   


 What is the most interesting type of work you have done and why?   

I’ve consulted on a number of new market entry projects and those are always nearest to my heart. I like meeting clients where they are, and helping to bring them along the learning curve to successful project completion. It is extremely rewarding to go through that growth process with them.  


Provide a hidden talent or quirky fact about yourself!?   

I learned American Sign Language in college while working with signing chimpanzees. That was adequate justification on its own, but it also turns out to be very handy while scuba diving, which I do several times a week. I like telling jokes underwater, in a mash-up of sign language and pantomime, often using undersea trash as props.