life at natural power

Levi Ringquist

Environmental systems engineer


When did you join Natural Power?  

July 2022. Professionally, I’ve been in sustainability since 2017 (mentally, since middle school, when I decided to pursue engineering with a focus on renewable energy). 


What does your role consist of?  

I focus on how EchoSense® operates. I work with biologists, software developers, and data to monitor and improve performance and develop new capabilities. 


What aspects of your role do you find the most rewarding? 

The ability to create for good. In a sense, EchoSense® distills wind-wildlife harmony from human creativity and ingenuity in a way that almost feels like having your cake and eating it, too; or like getting something for nothing. The way that EchoSense® literally transforms knowledge into power feels like a triumph of the human spirit. It’s an honor to see my own work continue to push the boundaries of what EchoSense® can do. 


Provide a hidden talent or quirky fact about yourself? 

I’m a New York Times Crossword Puzzle aficionado. It blends knowledge, wit, and creativity in a way that I find extremely delightful. I hope to someday set a puzzle that gets published in the NYT.