20 Jun 2024 .

INWED2024 - The future of Women in Engineering

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Currently only 16.5% of all engineers are women. This highlights why it is important to raise awareness for our women in engineering. We want to encourage the next generation of girls to beat the stereotypes and opt for a career in this sector. 


"Embrace your dreams, regardless of your background, identity, or age. It's never too late or too early to discover your passion and pursue it. While the journey may be fraught with challenges and setbacks, the fulfilment of chasing your dreams is incomparable. A career in engineering offers opportunities to hone problem-solving abilities, unleash creativity, and demonstrate unwavering determination. Despite the obstacles, the chance to contribute to groundbreaking projects and technological advancements makes it an immensely gratifying and purposeful pursuit."



"I would say absolutely go for it, there’s nothing to lose and you never know where it could take you, this is a skill you can take with you all over the world and push you to more opportunities you never knew were there. I know it’s a male dominated environment which can be very daunting for women but from my experience it has been very positive. Everyone has been very welcoming and motivating to help me do my best. You will have a great laugh while getting to do a job you love – you won't regret it."



"I believe that young people should try to connect with other engineers and professionals who can offer guidance, support and inspiration. Mentorship into navigating this career path has been valuable for me in learning my trade. This career can be challenging but with determination and hard work you can overcome the obstacles which will add to shaping your future."



  "Engineering is an ideal field in which to combine technical expertise with creative thinking. If this is your calling, go for it!"