Anaerobic Digestion Plant Lifecycle Assessments Solid Biomass Waste Treatment Plant – Lifecycle Assessments

Biomass waste treatment plant

What was the aim of the work?

The client owned and operated seven solid waste treatment plants across the UK, using anaerobic digestion to produce biogas which was either utilised onsite as a low carbon fuel to generate electricity, injected into the gas grid or compressed and used as low carbon fuel for HGVs. The scope of work was to inspect six of the plants to provide an estimation for the remaining lifecycle of the plants.


What was the outcome?

Onsite inspections of each of the sites were carried out to assess the operation and use of the assets as well as to assess the condition of the equipment. This inspection was followed up by an assessment of the available site SCADA operational data which was cross-referenced with the proposed design documentation to establish proposed lifecycles for the assets. In addition, our team developed a list of recommendations that could be used to further the design life of the equipment, prolonging the lifetime of the asset whilst reducing the cost to the client.


What did Natural Power do to get this result?

Personnel from our Advisory & Analytics and Renewable Heat teams combined forces, ensuring that our inspections provided a comprehensive understanding of the mechanical and electrical plant and process engineering design required for the installations.