Confidential Texas wind farm Independent engineer review of 250MW Texas wind project to support tax equity investment and construction

What was the aim of the work?

To provide an independent and certifiable view on the ability of the wind project to be constructed and operated within design margins, operating rules and contractual obligations. This certification provided the necessary confidence for crucial outside investment and financing to occur.

What was the outcome?

The project sponsor was able to receive the necessary outside investment to build the project and achieve commercial operation.

What did Natural Power do to get this result?

Our advisory team undertook a detailed review of the planned project, with a specific focus on finding and further investigating technical risks that might have a material effect on the long-term operation from a design, financial or regulatory perspective.

Following financial close, Natural Power provided detailed construction monitoring to make sure that the pouring of foundations, erection of turbines, building of all balance of plant infrastructure and project energization took place as expected during the pre-construction design phase. 

We also provided the following services

  • Pre-construction technical due diligence, including reviews of all contracts, designs, turbine technology, project participants, financial models and permits.
  • Provision of a detailed due diligence report and Reliance Letter.
  • Investor support throughout the closing process.
  • Construction monitoring, monthly draw reviews and provision of a construction supplement and bringdown to the due diligence report.