Rosamond central solar project Tax equity investor support on complex bifacial California solar project

What was the aim of the work?

To provide a reliable technical review of all aspects of the project, including characterization of project risks and potential mitigants, to give our investor client comfort to move forward with a sizable tax equity investment.

What was the outcome?

The client used Natural Power’s review to gain comfort in its decision to fund the project with a tax equity investment.

What did Natural Power do to get this result?

Our advisory team undertook a detailed review of all aspects of the planned project, with a specific focus on uncovering and further investigating technical risks that might have a material effect on the long-term operation from a design, financial or regulatory perspective. 

Our analytics team modelled long-term energy production and calculated estimation uncertainty using our industry-leading tools and resources, as well as our in-house experts in bifacial PV system modelling and performance.

Key services from Natural Power:

  • Pre-construction technical due diligence, including reviw of the Independent Engineer's report as well as key project documents, system design, project participants, construction plan, technology and financial model. The review included a deep analysis of current hot topics in complex utility scale projects, such as curtailment risk, shared facilities and nuances offtaker agreements.
  • Provision of an independent, finance-grade energy yield analysis (EYA) for the project, to provide an estimate of long-term energy production and production uncertainty. Natural Power employed industry-leading tools and expertise for evaluating bifacial PV module performance and carefully examined albedo, bifacialty, and module construction to ensure best possible returns for the client.

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192MWac bifacial solar project in Kern County, California, USA

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