SECTOR Planning, permitting and environment

Natural Power offer and perform a range of planning and permitting related services right the way through an asset’s life.

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Getting a renewable energy project from conception to completion can be a long and complex process. To make this process as easy as possible for you, we can identify areas where there may be risks and provide specialist support to keep your project in regulatory compliance throughout its life. 

Put simply, we make sure your project functions within the rules while promoting win-win solutions that maximize conservation and the climate benefits of renewable energy production.

We go into the field to perform environmental audits, including species and habitat surveys, acoustic studies and operational monitoring. Employing ecological modeling techniques, we use the data we collect to develop resource management plans and conservation strategies.

These plans in turn help to establish protocols for the construction and operations phases of a project. The geospatial (GIS) team compile data, conduct constraints analyses and create visual simulations of how a site will look to help with project and stakeholder engagement.