SECTOR Operations and asset management

Natural Power has been working with its clients to develop optimizations strategies for their assets.

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Asset management

Once operational, our multi-disciplinary team will help you to get the most from your assets and keep them safe, reliable and compliant. Our team of office-based asset managers provide a single point of contact for our clients and work to improve the performance of their assets. They work closely with the on-site teams to effectively manage inspections, electrical network operations, maintenance and emergency response activities, and they capture this via operational reporting.

By analyzing a range of data, such as monitoring real time independent SCADA, reviewing operational downtime analysis and reporting, combined with end of warranty and balance of plant inspections and audits, we can advise and implement measures that will provide performance and reliability optimization.

We can also support future planning by undertaking post-construction yield analysis (PCYA) and power output forecasting.