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Scottish Renewables green energy manifesto

November 8, 2019

By Stephen Trotter, Managing Director at Natural Power

Natural Power fully supports and endorses the green energy manifesto published by Scottish Renewables.

It is clear that the election will be dominated by resolution of the Brexit question. The election will also rightly focus on the future economic prosperity of the United Kingdom, not least to support investment in public services and infrastructure. At the same time, this is probably the first election since the global climate emergency has been more widely recognised by the public and mainstream news.

Whilst debating other policies, there is a responsibility on all political parties to recognise the need for clear and swift action on slowing down and stopping the impact of climate change.

As the Scottish Renewables manifesto points out, through its six imperatives, there are a broad range of renewable technologies (mature, low cost solutions such as onshore and offshore wind; emerging technologies and wider energy initiatives such as renewable heat) that can not only have a significant impact on carbon reduction in the short and medium-term, but also deliver significant economic benefit and long term jobs.

Companies are ready to immediately invest in new projects in Scotland, to invest in recruitment and training of staff and to invest in innovation.

Natural Power recognises that a strong market in Scotland allows us to deliver on climate change, deliver economic prosperity and to retain a leadership position for deploying our knowledge and services internationally.

All political parties have pledged more infrastructure spending in the build up to the election. It is clear that in an uncertain world economy, renewable energy is a sound future proof investment ensuring the long-term competitiveness of our economy and sustainable jobs.

It is vital that the climate emergency debate does not get hidden beneath debates on Brexit and other political philosophies. We join Scottish Renewables in asking all political parties to adopt and implement the green energy manifesto.

Download the full manifesto here.

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