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Lauren Wheatley, Director of Technical

December 10, 2015


What does your day typically consist of?
Generally speaking there are several cups of coffee and lots of communication involved! There is no typical day, every day brings something new. I am responsible for the leadership and management of the global technical department and therefore I can be involved with finance (revenue and budget), business development, project delivery, HR and department strategy all on the same day!

I am currently working with the team to polish the department’s products and services, business objectives and resourcing. I have been working to define focused business development strategies for the products and services of the technical department which have included ensuring that the best service is offered to each client.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
Working in a multidisciplinary team to deliver a high quality service to our clients.

How did you get into the role in the first place?
Prior to Natural Power, I worked for AES and before that, Garrad Hassan. Laterally, I was responsible for managing the wind analysis function within the global wind development portfolio. This included overseeing wind resource aspects of the portfolio of projects under acquisition, development, construction and disposal, as well as providing analytical and technical support for over 200 MW of operational European projects.

My remit was to drive appropriate schemes from initial assessment through financial close and into operation by delivering practical and technical expertise within the business development teams. This involved reviewing M&A opportunities, undertaking due diligence work within small teams, evaluating and assessing wind resource areas of development and supporting the successful operation of spinning European assets. This experience stood me in good stead!

I joined Natural Power in March 2014 as Senior Technical Manager for the UK and in January 2015 I was promoted to Director of Technical, with a global remit.

What is your degree and /or professional qualification?
I have a BEng (Hons) in Mechanical and Environmental Engineering from the University of Strathclyde. As part of the course I spent six months studying at DTU in Copenhagen.

More recently I obtained a postgraduate certificate in The Mechanics of Project Finance from Middlesex University.
I am also a Princess who loves a list (well I have a PRINCE2 project management practitioner qualification).

What is the most interesting type of work you have done and why?
I really enjoy working on strategic buy side due diligence projects (aka shopping!). I get to use my knowledge of contracts, transactions, wind farm development and project financing.

What is your biggest achievement at work?
A successful restructure during a period of growth in response to market changes and improving quality.

Any hidden talents?
Apparently I can mix a pretty reasonable margarita! Well they taste really good after the first two…

What is your favourite hobby?
Finding a bar with a view in a new city…Since 2007, for work and pleasure, I have been to over 15 countries and visited over 21 cities. My top three: London, Copenhagen and Istanbul.

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