11 Mar 2022 .

Climate change, severe weather and mitigating the risk for solar PV projects series: wildfires in the US

Wildfire in the US

The release of both the 2021 U.S. Climate Normals and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2021 reports indicate climate change has and will continue to influence the lives of people 
around the world. Significant findings and conclusive evidence in both reports support the assumption that extreme weather events will continue to increase in occurrence and severity as the climate crisis progresses. With the upward trend of extreme climate events, the risk of severe weather impact for solar production is also increasing. Natural Power is evaluating the climate trends to help better understand and mitigate the risk for existing and future solar PV projects. As part of our series on climate change, this blog examines the impact of wildfires on solar PV in the US due to the climate trends of recent years. Read more here.