10 Dec 2021 .

Setting the standard: developing leading wind resource and energy yield assessments for offshore wind projects in the US

US offshore wind development_1200px

As the developing US offshore wind industry continues its ambitious growth and build out, there is a need for confident assessments of potential energy production within the different Wind Energy Areas (WEAs). Over the next decade of offshore wind growth, project financing and operation will depend heavily on accurate and precise energy analysis. Current best practices for onshore wind resource and energy yield assessments have been well developed over several decades, but offshore assessments present unique challenges that need a modified approach.

Considering the significant industry interest in the WEAs in the New York Bight as well as the presence of publicly available data there, we undertook an offshore wind study for a hypothetical wind project located there to present the recommended technical approach for determining a layout and accurately assessing energy yield. 

Download the white paper here