21 Apr 2023 .

British and Irish lawmakers visit Natural Power  

BIPA committee visit

Today, 21st April 2023, lawmakers from the British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly (BIPA) Economic Committee doing research on investment in renewables and the impact it has on communities, jobs and wealth, visited Natural Power’s headquarters, The Greenhouse in Castle Douglas, Dumfries and Galloway for a study visit as part of an inquiry into energy strategy and consumer energy policy. 

Natural Power was selected for the visit as it is seen as one of the success stories in the UK renewable energy sector. Representatives from the UK’s and Ireland’s national legislatures and the devolved legislatures are using the visit to inform the conclusions and recommendations when they report the findings of the inquiry. 

On their tour of the eco friendly facility, the visitors heard about Natural Power’s drive to create a high-tech firm run from a rural area in a  sustainable fashion; using renewable sources of heating and sourcing water from underground aquifers in a building constructed from locally sourced building materials. 

This visit to Natural Power is part of a wider study trip to Scotland that will also include roundtables with think tanks and representatives from other community and renewable energy projects and the Scottish Government. 

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