21 May 2021 .

Making subsidy-free solar a reality in north Wales

Llwyndyrus Solar Farm Banner

We have completed management of the construction phase at the 6 MW Llwyndyrus solar farm near Pwllheli Gwynedd, Wales, on behalf of the project owner, Blackfinch Investments.

Throughout the construction of the project, which coincided with local lockdowns and travel restrictions, we made use of local and remote specialists to manage and advise the contractor and successfully see this subsidy-free solar project through to commercial operation.

Tim Moir-Ford, construction project engineer at Natural Power, said: “The Llwyndyrus solar farm was one of the first subsidy-free assets to be built in Wales, and it is the first subsidy-free development for Blackfinch. Its successful construction represents a significant step forward for the Welsh solar market, where few solar farms have been built since government subsidies were phased out.”

We have been involved with Llwyndyrus since early 2019 and have delivered a range of services including due diligence, inspections, project management, procurement support, owner’s engineering and laterally, construction management.

Jolyon Ridgwell, senior energy asset manager at Blackfinch Investments, said: “Natural Power performed various roles during the development process for Llwyndyrus solar farm, including the project management. The team inspired confidence and worked closely with the key parties throughout the construction process. Conditions were challenging, but the Natural Power team remained calm and focussed until completion, ensuring that the project was delivered as specified. Early indications are that the project is performing well, so this has been a good result all round.”

Since 2020, we have supported more than 9 GW of solar projects including work as technical advisor, independent engineer of record, energy yield analysis, providing expertise on PV plant lifetime extension, and installation quality; as well as more than 600 MW of storage projects supported through due diligence and lender’s technical advisor roles. Globally, the business has supported more than 22 GW of solar projects since 2012 and has a proven reputation and track record of working with clients to deliver solar projects from site finding and feasibility studies through permitting and construction. Find out more here

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21 May 2021

Making subsidy-free solar a reality in north Wales