2 Dec 2019 . . Renewable heat

Natural Power joins Irish District Energy Association

We have joined the Irish District Energy Association (IrDEA), a new branch organisation in Ireland dedicated to promoting and supporting the use of district heating and cooling from sustainable, low carbon and renewable energy sources.

IrDEA is the only trade organisation representing the district heating and cooling (DHC) sector in Ireland. It acts on behalf of its members to support and promote the growth of the DHC industry, creating a new heating market for Ireland which offers greater opportunities to utilise indigenous low-carbon and renewable sources of heat.

District energy is a key component of an overall smart energy system for Ireland, and the IrDEA is dedicated to helping overcome the current barriers facing district heating and cooling in Ireland. Since its establishment in 2018, IrDEA now represents members from across the public, private and academic sectors.

IrDEAs core activities include:

• Influencing government policy on district heating and cooling (DHC)
• Supporting the growth of the DHC industry in Ireland
• Organising conferences and events to promote DHC
• Making submissions to policy consultations which concern DHC
• Commissioning and supporting research on DHC in Ireland
• Cooperation with other relevant organisations in Ireland and Internationally

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Natural Power specialises in the full lifecycle development of district heating networks, from feasibility through design and construction project management. To find out more about renewable heat services at Natural Power, please visit here or contact our Senior Engineer Andy Yuill on andyy@naturalpower.com