28 Oct 2021 .

Repowering wind in France

Natural Power is acting as owners engineer for the construction and repowering of two windfarms, Trébry and Lanfains, located in the region of Brittany, France, which are owned and operated by Kallista Energy. 

With the original feed-in-tariff coming to an end, Kallista has secured a new tariff to finance the repowering of the original wind turbines with more efficient models. The new turbines will not only bring higher production but will also increase the acoustic performance of the wind turbines. The energy will contribute more locally produced renewable energy for these municipalities while increasing the energy resilience in Brittany. 

For the 9 MW Trébry wind farm, six Enercon E-70 E4s will replace the original six Neg Micons NM64/1500. For the 7.5 MW Lanfains wind farm, six 2 MW Enercon E-70 E4 will replace the original five 1.5 MW Neg Micons NM64/1500.  

The new Trébry wind farm will produce around 30% more electricity with the same number of wind turbines, and the new, larger Lanfains wind farm will produce around 60% more electricity than the current park. In both cases, the height of the wind turbines will remain unchanged (90m) while the rotor will increase from 64m to 70m. In total, the two new wind farms will supply the equivalent of more than 18,000 Bretons with local and renewable electricity.  

With work already underway at Trébry and Lanfains, which were originally commissioned in 2005 and 2006 respectively, and the newly repowered sites will go live in January 2022.  

Christopher Renna, directeur commercial, bureau d’études et de conseils at Natural Power, said: “As Brittany is one of the windiest regions in France, it is natural that wind power, onshore and offshore, must be maximised in the years to come to help us reach our global carbon reduction targets. In addition to developing new wind farms, we’re increasingly repowering to optimise electricity production for existing sites that accommodate aging wind turbines.

“We’re pleased to be working with Kallista Energy again to support Brittany’s aims to increase its renewable energy production seven-fold by 2040.” 

Frédéric Roche, president of Kallista Energy, said: “The renewal of our wind farms has three objectives. First, it is a question of optimising the production of renewable electricity on the best windy sites in France and which were among the first to be exploited. Second, it makes it possible to produce electricity as competitively as possible because wind power has experienced significant technological leaps. Finally, the renewal of the installations gives back to the territories where the parks are located. 

“Our thanks go out to all partners involved in the projects so far.”