Llwyndyrus solar farm Making subsidy-free solar a reality in North Wales

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What was the aim of the work?

Natural Power carried out technical due diligence to support the acquisition of a development-stage solar farm in Wales. Following that, we managed the engineering procurement construction (EPC) procurement process on behalf of the new owner. After the appointment of the successful EPC contractor, Natural Power managed the construction works of the solar farm through to Works Completion in April.

What was the outcome for the client?

The solar farm was one of the first subsidy-free assets to be built in Wales, and it is the first subsidy-free development for Blackfinch. Its successful construction represents a significant step forward for the Welsh solar market, where hardly any solar farms have been built since government subsidies were phased out.

What did Natural Power do to get this result?

Natural Power delivered a full review of the proposed solar development to establish its viability from a permitting, grid and design perspective. The nature of the site created several unique challenges in optimising the layout of the solar array to achieve the ideal balance between total capacity (the solar farm’s maximum power output), and energy yield (the amount of energy generated by the solar farm in a typical year). Finding the right trade-off between these two aspects is key to maximising return on investment in a solar farm.

Natural Power managed the EPC procurement process on behalf of the owner, including development of detailed installation specifications, minimum requirements and other provisions necessary to provide contract requirements in line with global industry best standards.

Throughout the construction of the project, which coincided with local lockdowns and travel restrictions, Natural Power made use of local and remote specialists to manage and advise the contractor and see this subsidy-free solar project through to commercial operation successfully.

Project stats

6 MW

6 MW solar farm located on the Llyn Peninsula.


First subsidy-free acquisition for Blackfinch.

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