SERVICE Wind turbine inspections

Great turbine health starts with early damage-detection.

This is vital for maintaining a healthy wind turbine fleet that performs at its best. Our expert inspections team can assess your fleet and diagnose any problems, and then we can predict the repairs a turbine might need and when. This results in a well-organised and cost-effective maintenance plan that suits you. This proactive approach to wind turbine upkeep reduces downtime, and it helps provide maximum output from your turbines.

We monitor every part of your turbines and make sure they are working well and will continue to operate. We perform:

  • end of warranty inspections
  • life extension assessments
  • drive train and blade inspections
  • data analysis.

We use a range of inspection methods, including intrusive works and walk downs. Our use of  ground-based technology and automated drones means that our inspections are fast, efficient and produce accurate, repeatable images and reports. This lets us identify and fix damage quickly, keeping your site working as economically as possible. 


Ascent Pro is our inspections software that's for use with automated commercial small unmanned aircraft system (SUAs) operations. It improves the efficiency of inspections by reducing the downtime of assets and produces high-quality images and data, while the advanced automation and flexible platform makes it easier for pilots to use.