SECTOR Engineering and design

Design and engineering support and technical advice for renewable energy projects. 

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We can provide you with technical advice, design and engineering services at every phase of development with advice and expertise that balances a project’s technical, environmental and commercial needs.

Our engineers provide civil, environmental, structural and geotechnical detailed design solutions and technical advice on some of the most innovative and challenging renewable energy projects. We  carry out our engineering and technical advice services across all types of renewable energy projects, including wind, solar and battery energy storage.



Design development

At the design development stage, we look at ways to optimise design through our front-end engineering design (FEED) studies. This allows you to understand the site and engineering limitations relating to the civil works as part of the environmental reporting and planning process. This also includes involving our Geotechnical team early in the planning process, which is valuable to the site design and optimisation process, including identification and mitigation of geohazards and construction risks. 


Supporting tender proposals

After consent, we work to bring projects into the construction phase. We support our contractor clients in the development of their tender proposals for the construction of renewable energy projects, undertaking preliminary designs and helping them to understand engineering risks associated with projects. We also work with our developer clients to help standardise and enhance tendering and assessment of key construction contracts through our design work and assisting in the technical review of project tender returns and technical query processes.


Construction phase

Our design work continues through the construction phase where we develop designs into full detailed designs that allow contractors to construct project infrastructure. Working with you we will develop optimised designs so that we deliver cost effective solutions that meet the project requirements. Our engineers will inspect these works during the construction and report our findings back to you to make sure constructed infrastructure meets the quality requirements of our designs. 



We give a clear understanding of the project risks related to access early in the development process, allowing assessment at the planning stage and discussions with landowners and road authorities. We can help you understand the access requirements and impacts of traffic and transportation associated with construction, operation and decommissioning of a project, developing design solutions to address project transport issues.


Design review

We undertake independent design reviews, ranging from high-level due diligence reviews of single items of design through to Category 3 detailed design reviews. We also carry out independent technical reviews of structural designs on behalf of both developer and contractor clients, confirming that the designs meet the relevant codes and project requirements. 


Technical advice

Due to our experiences of contributing to some of the largest and most complex renewable energy projects, our engineers are well placed for advising clients throughout the project lifecycle. We have a detailed understanding of renewable energy projects’ needs, so we can provide you with technical and engineering advice to help you make the best decisions to maximise your project. 


Additional design and engineering support

We also offer several other design and engineering services for renewable energy projects. These include:   

  • Computer aided drafting and design (CADD) services specialising in a range of CAD based software. These services cover all stages of a project, including feasibility and planning; Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA); tender/pre-construction; construction; operation; and re-powering across civil, structural, electrical and transport engineering. 
  • Life extension services where we undertake initial assessments of the useable life of wind turbine foundations and evaluate how to develop a project beyond its original intended design life.  
  • Decommissioning services include developing and preparing detailed decommissioning plans, restorations plans and cost estimations for when projects are at the end of their operational life so that they comply with planning requirements when they’re removed.