life at natural power

Zara Little

Trainee wind turbine technician

What does your role entail?   

Being a wind turbine trainee entails a variety of technical skill building (related to turbine operation). I'm learning to inspect, maintain and repair turbines where necessary. Tasks  include troubleshooting (electrical and mechanical issues) and routine maintenance while ensuring safety standards are met.  


What does your day typically consist of?  

My job often involves hands on learning and practical experience. I participate safely in turbine inspections and I learn new mechanical and electrical components while assisting in maintenance tasks.  

Safety protocols are important within the industry and to Natural Power so the appropriate training is given. Common aspects of my daily routine consist of on the job mentoring as my skills develop for the role.  


What do you enjoy most about your role? 

I enjoy getting the opportunity to learn new things and I’ve been taught a variety of new skills by a great team. It’s a great feeling when you overcome a new technical challenge as a team.  The most enjoyable part would be the continuous learning and sense of working together towards a greener future.  


How did you get into your role in the first place? 

I secured a placement position at the end of my wind turbine technician college course at Dumfries and Galloway College. Natural Power has been working closely with colleges within Scotland to launch SCQF graduate placement schemes 


What is the most interesting thing you’ve learn so far and why? 

The most interesting thing I've learned so far is how a turbine is built and what planning it takes for a turbine to be built. This interests me the most because I find it intriguing how much thought goes into the environment before a turbine is placed.  


What has your biggest achievement been so far while at Natural Power? 

My biggest achievement at Natural Power so far is learning how to do a full service on a Nordtank.